Our highest priority is the quality of our organs

That’s why all of our organs are 100% grass fed and comes from happy and healthy animals that gets to roam freely on the pristine Swedish landscapes, grazing lush green grass and herbs. The farmers we work with have been carefully selected to ensure that the quality of our organs are second to none. This means all of our farmers are Organic and KRAV certified.

Our organs are


  • Raised on 100% grass & herbs and 0% grains
  • From Swedish Organic & KRAV certified bovine animals
  • Free from growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides
  • 100% freeze dried to preserve important heat-sensitive minerals, vitamins and enzymes
  • From happy and healthy animals
  • Completely free from allergens, additives and fillers
  • Third party lab tested

After turning upside down on what feels like every single KRAV and EKO (EU-Organic) farm in Sweden, we are very proud to say that all our beef organs are sourced exclusively from Swedish, Organic and KRAV certified bovine animals raised on hand picked farms around Sweden.

All our farms undergo independent inspections annually to ensure the animals live according to the very strict regulations of KRAV and EU-organic. In addition, all our animals ONLY eat 100% grass and herbs and 0% grains.

This means they only get to eat what they are actually made to eat. Allowing them to live healthy lives without stomach and intestinal inflammation that so often affect grain fed animals.

All our animals live how they are evolutionary created to live, roaming freely on pristine pastures and meadows whole or large part of the year. This allows our animals to fully express their natural behaviors which makes them live happy, stimulating and healthy lives.

The months our animals are not able to graze on fresh grass and herbs they are fed fermented pasture (silage) which is made by a completely natural fermentation process carried out by the microscopic organisms in the grass itself. This is what’s taking place in the white balls you often see laying around the fields during the summer months.

The result of letting our animals eat only what they are made to eat and live freely under the best conditions possible is that our organs naturally get a much higher nutrient density. 

This is something we are incredibly happy about since both we ourselves and our customers have very high demands on the things we put into our mouths.